Our Classes

At CrossFit Rave, we offer a variety of classes that can accommodate all, regardless of their fitness level or experience.  Whether you are a seasoned athlete, or wanting to “get back in shape”, we’ve got you covered. 

All of our classes are instructor led, by highly trained coaches who have a genuine passion for health and fitness.  The techniques and movements taught can all be modified to accommodate the athlete’s specific need or limitation.  Our goal is to assist in helping you meet your personal health and fitness goals.

Take a look at the classes below to see what they offer.  There’s one for you.  Come give us a try.  You won’t regret it!


We offer express WODs during lunch hour which are designed for those who want a quick workout during their work day. These are CrossFit classes that have been programmed to have the athletes in and out within 45 mins. The workouts are the same, the warm up and accessory work is shortened to accommodate our lunchtime athletes.


These classes are intense, and complex workouts.  In these instructor led classes, you will find olympic lifts, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning.  Any movement can be scaled or modified to the level of the athlete, ensuring your safety, and a great workout.  Expect to have improved functional mobility, increased endurance, and strength as a result of our CrossFit classes.


This is a strength and conditioning program designed for 13-17 year old athletes which includes age appropriate weightlifting, gymnastics, and high intensity training. All of this is done under the watchful eye of our certified trainers.

Our program will import physical competence boost self-esteem and confidence within our teens. Our Teens class can accommodate both the accomplished athlete as well as the less active.


Our CrossFit Kids class teaches the basic, fundamental, functional movements of CrossFit in a fun environment.  Kids get a great workout while learning proper form and technique, learning the importance of team work, and the importance of maintaining good health.  

Our coaches program workouts that challenge and encourage our Jr. athletes in their fitness journey.  Obstacle courses, team workouts, fun and games are just some of the kinds of workouts the kids can expect. Come try us, it’s loads of fun!


Our Power lifting class covers the major lifts which include, but are not limited to: Front squats, Back squats, Dead lifts, Push press, and Bench press. This class works towards identifying the 1 rep max for each athlete for each movement. In addition to the major lifts, there is plenty of accessory exercises that compliment the movements covered.


For our members, we offer “Open Gym” time which is a period during which some or all of the gym’s facilities are made available for members to use on their own, outside formal classes. If you have your own programming that you follow, this time is for you. Although we have designated hours, please see front desk for any exceptions.