New to CrossFit?

Thank you for choosing CrossFit Rave, we know you have a choice when selecting a fitness center to assist you in reaching your personal health and fitness goals.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you reach your goals.  As a newcomer to CrossFit, we have provided you some tips that may assist you with your first week.

What can I expect day 1?

When you come in:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled calls for check in
  • All classes are scheduled for one hour, and are instructor led
  • Meeting great new people who share your same passion
  • An enthusiastic Coaching staff that is ready to assist you through your first day of class
  • A good time, and a great work out.

What should I know?

Your day 1 check list:

  • Classes start promptly on the hour, as a courtesy to your fellow athletes, please make every effort to be on time (otherwise…. it’s burpees).
  • Where comfortable workout clothes and shoes
  • Ensure to drink lots of water daily
  • Bring a water bottle (we have a water fountain and also sell bottles water bottles for $1 if needed)
  • Do not eat a heavy meal within 2 hours of your scheduled class
  • Remember, any movement can be modified to adapt to each athletes ability
  • Every movement will be reviewed prior to warm up/work out
  • Be ready to have fun and start your fitness journey

We again thank you for choosing CrossFit Rave and look forward to meeting and working with you.

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